Reviewer Info

IJHPP Policy on Double Blind Peer Review Process:

We at IJHPP understand the importance of the peer- review process in upholding the quality of scholarly publications. Once the manuscript is received (online) from authors it passes from following stages-

  1. The manuscript is first handled by the IJHPP journal management team (team consists of subject experts and experts on language and copyediting). During this process, the manuscript is checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors. The use of software to detect plagiarized content and grammatical errors in the manuscript ensures more accuracy in this process. Subject experts decide the relevance of the scope of the manuscript and its category with IJHPP scope.   
  2. After successfully passing this step, the manuscript assigns a unique code, and the decision regarding primary acceptance is communicated to the corresponding author. The coded manuscript then forwarded for the blindfolded review process.
  3. Primarily accepted manuscript then forwarded for reviewers evaluation. Reviewers are selected by the IJHPP journal management team on set parameters including the area of expertise, experience, and availability. All reviewers are provided with a template of reviewers report facilitating structured review in a uniform format. Reviewers need to submit their evaluation report within the stipulated time.
  4. Evaluation report received by any two reviewers (first come basis) then analyzed by the journal management team and communicated to one of the editorial board members for his / her approval for publishing in the upcoming issue of IJHPP.
  5. The entire report then communicated to the corresponding author to make suggested changes in the manuscript. Authors are also provided with copyright form along with a journal template to resubmit their manuscript with necessary corrections.
  6. The corrected manuscript then handled by the journal management team for possible copyediting. Copyright form, ethical clearance letter, a letter from the institutional review board, the informed consent form is scrutinized by the journal management team for its authenticity.
  7. The authors are then communicated about the publication of the corrected manuscript in the upcoming issue of IJHPP and the possible date of publication
  8. This process may take a few days depending upon the reviewers’ response to the manuscript evaluation. IJHPP does not guarantee fast review or publication.
  9. The process ensures that the identity of reviewers is kept confidential and cannot be revealed to authors.